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With a vision to revolutionize the craft beer brewing industry Revolutionize the craft beer industry

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"Our mission is to help microbrewers brew better, save money, and become more competitive" - Mads Andersen, co-founder

We have developed an innovative solution based on state-of-the-art sensor technology that will allow direct measurements of the most important beer brewing quality parameters. We are proud to bring you the next generation of beer quality control instruments (QCIs) with exceptional features:

Easy to use

Beer brewing QC has never been easier. Just install, sit back and relax as our automated instruments track and upload data from your brewing process on the mobile app


Our novel approach to beer QC allow us to produce high end instruments at fraction of the normal cost. We pass the savings on to our customers

Best in class

We don't compromise with quality. We develop our products to have exceptional attributes such as impeccable accuracy and reliability, stella robustness, low maintenance and auto calibration


Our mobile app, will allow continuous monitoring and easy data access from your brewing process enabling precise recipe implementation and ensuring beers of high quality and consistency

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Nano and microbrewers test our trial product featuring:

Measurements of CO2 throughout the brewing process

Mobile app for easy and continuous data access

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We are looking for nano and microbrewers to join our trials of our first product QCI-CO2. The product package include:

Measurements of CO2 throughout the brewing process

Mobile app for easy and continuous data access

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Our love for good beer brought us together


Petros Venetopoulos


MSc in Business administration and Entrepreneurship. Petros passionate Food- and Biotech and is eager to turn ideas into viable businesses


Mads Andersen


MSc in Nanoscience. Mads is passionate about micro breweries. He has a knack for technical design and product development.


Johan Schmidt


PhD in Chemistry. Johan has many years experience with chemical sensors for both gasses and liquids and hardware/software development


Bjørn Larsen


Management Consultant at ATkearney. Bjorn has extensive experience with strategy consulting and investment strategies.


Jens Ringholm


MSc in Nanoscience. Jens has a background in experimental physics and is the team's vacuum expert. Jens loves putting prototypes through rigorous test.


We spend most of our time working with brewers, developing our hardware, running trials and trying out samples

Working closely with our fellow friends from Flying couch brewing
Mads taking a sample of a delicious porter straight from the tank at Flying couch brewery
As climate-kic ambassadors from Denmark, we presented our idea at the Smart Agrifood conference in Malaga, Spain
While homebrewing and going in depth with the beer brewing process and exotic recipes, we test our prototypes in a homebrewing setup
Mads assembling our prototype V.0.1.5 in the facilities of DTU Skylab
Petros at InnoFounder graduate bootcamp days, building up our business model with the supervision from CIID design experts
Once in a while, after our team meetings we organise craft beer tastings


We have the pleasure of working with a experts and beer lovers within the business community, academia and the brewing industry.

Crafted by brewery

Flying Couch brewery

Innofounder - Graduate

Danish Technical University

University of Copenhagen


We feel privileged to be supported financially, by these amazing organisations in Denmark. The total funding we have received so far, has been the cornerstone of our prototype development process.


Lets get in touch. Send us a message:

Address: BLOXHUB, Bryghusvej 8, DK-1473, Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone: +45 2126 3657

Email: contact@biranalyzers.com